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Equipment Resources


Ultimaker 3ext  Prototype Room

Workspace: 197 x 215 x 300 mm 

Resolution: 0.1mm / layer

3ext Tutorial

Ultimaker 3 Prototype Room

Workspace: 197 x 215 x 200 mm

Resolution: 0.1mm / layer

3 Tutorial

Ultimaker 2+ | Prototype Room

Workspace: 223 x 223 x 205 mm

Resolution: 0.1mm / layer

2 Tutorial

3D Printer SLA - Form Labs 2 | Power Printer Room (Assistants Only)

Material: Liquid polymer resin

Workspace: 145x145x175 mm

Resolution 0.025mm / layer


Design guide

This page contains information about the tools and machines we have to use for prototyping. Our assistants can help you when needed. All laboratories and machines require access and safety / handling courses before they can be used. Please contact your course responsible for access and training on the machines.
It is the course responsible who is responsible for you to get proper training on the machines.
To get access to rooms and machines, the course coordinator should contact for questions.

The work spaces for prototyping are:

  1. Prototyping Room - Brinellvägen 83, 3nd floor

  2. Da Vinci Lab - Brinellvägen 83, A213 2st floor (ground floor)

  3. Milling room   - Brinellvägen 83, A221 2st floor (ground floor)

  4. Electronics Lab - Brinellvägen 83, 3nd floor, end of hall

  5. Waterjet and Materials Room (available only to trained staff and assistants) - Brinellvägen 83, A217 2st floor (ground floor)

  6. Machine Shop (open most weekdays from ~ 9:00-15:00, ask for Tomas) - Brinellvägen 83, A240 2st floor (ground floor)

We are located at 

Brinellvägen 83, 114 28 Stockholm

Printing Machines

3D Printer FDM -

All FDM printers: material settings

Material: PLA, ABS, Nylon, Ninjaflex, etc

Note that you can download Cura, the printing software for free

Great tutorial on designing for 3D Printing!


LPKF Protomat E33 PCB Mill | Electronics Lab

Workspace: 229 mm x 305 mm x 5 mm


Manufacture Info

Material: PN: 149-061 (double sided), PCB plain 457 x 305 mm, ordered @ Farnell

LPKF ProtoMat S63 PCB Mill | Prototype Room

Workspace: 229 mm x 305 mm x 35/22 mm


Machine Specifications

Material: suitable PCB copper board

Laser Cutter - Epilog Fusion | Prototype Room

Material: Acrylic, wood, plastics, paper, etc. 

Workspace: 812x508 mm

Resolution: 600 dpi


Manufacturer Tutorial

75W material cutting settings

30W material cutting settings

CNC Mill - Roland MDX 540 | A221 2st floor (ground floor)

Material: Wood, foam, light metals

Workspace: 400x400 mm

Resolution: 0.02mm

Prototype milling manual

PCB milling manual

CNC Mill - Roland MDX - 40A | A221 2st floor (ground floor)

Material: Wood, foam, plastics 

Workspace: 300x300 mm

Resolution: 0.02 mm

Cutting tutorial

Vacuum Former - Formech 508FS | Prototype Room

Material: Thermo plastics

Max thickness: 6mm

Workspace: 482x432x290 mm


Water Cutter - Kimtech AB - (Assistants Only)

Material: Most materials

Max Thickness: 20 cm

Workspace: 2 x 1 meter


Casting Equipment - (Assistants Only)


Formlabs doc

Formlabs doc2 

Fabricating Machines




CNC - Roland MDX - 40A Scanning Probe | A221 2st floor (ground floor)

Workspace: 300x300 mm

Resolution: 0.04 mm

Location: Da Vinci

Scanning tutorial

Laser scanner - Roland LPX 600 | Prototype Room

Technology: Laser

Workspace: 254x406 mm

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Computer Login: ladmin, New4you.

Tutorial (needs to be converted to google docs)

Mobile Scanner - Creaform Goscan | Prototype Room

Technology: White light / Vision

Workspace: 0.3 - 3 m

Resolution: 0.5 mm

Tutorial (needs to be converted to google docs)

Scanning Machines


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